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    Your Town Could Be Next!

    The Roadshow brings our concept and Here’s to Everyday® spirit on the road to treat folks to old school, scratch made bagels and test new markets.


    We’re looking for our next Roadshow stop. Could it be your town? Tell us why we should boil and bake, cure and slice, fry up and serve the folks in your neighborhood.


    Full details below...

  • The BUB Roadshow

    Part traveling circus, part bagel pop-up. You in?

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    Bozeman, MT 2019

    After years in the making we kicked off the Roadshow partnering with pay-what-you-can restaurant, Fork & Spoon, providing back of house service for breakfast and lunch to feed hungry Montanans during a state football rivalry week.

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    Cohoes, NY 2021

    Impressed by their growth during COVID, we engaged the City of Cohoes to support an area church, activate a vacant storefront and get the word out to attract those from New York State's Capital region in search of a good bagel.

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    Your Town, USA 2024

    Craving hand rolled, boiled bagels (and lox, and schmears and sandwiches)? Want to shed some light on your neck of the woods? Send us a short pitch telling us why we'd be a great match.

    Submission tips and FAQs below.

  • Location Submission Guidelines

    We’re looking for our next Roadshow stop. Could it be your town?

    For consideration as a future Roadshow stop, please submit the following:

    • Who you are
    • What fresh, boiled and baked bagels mean to you
    • Why your town needs a better bagel
    • Why you think your town would be a great host for BUB
    • Who you'd like to see us collaborate with
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    Eager customers stretch down to Cohoes City Hall.

  • FAQs

    Much like the edelweiss, this section will bloom and grow as your questions and submissions roll in.

    How do we choose our Roadshow locations?

    We believe that you should grow where you are planted, but first go where you are wanted. Basically, it needs to be a mutual "I like you. You like me. Let's see where this goes." kinda thing. Practically speaking, we're looking for retail and production spaces to rent during the duration of the Roadshow stop (can be the same space depending on setup).


    In addition to Bozeman, MT in 2019 and Cohoes, NY in 2021, we also Tested the Waters in Perry, ME; Cambridge, MA and Frederick, MD in 2022. In 2023, we were hosted for multiple weeks in Columbus, OH and Cedar Rapids and Marion, IA. We closed out the season, feeding WGA East in NYC.

    Will a human review my submission?

    Yes. Legitimate submissions (i.e. non-troll; non-spam) will be acknowledged by our Team, even if we don't seem like a good fit for this next round of stops.

    How long is a Roadshow stop?

    Anywhere from a long weekend to multiple weeks, depending on the distance. Are you selling all of those days? No, since we'll need some dedicated production and rest days. Do you hire locally? We've had amazing local volunteers in the past, and hired locally for recent Roadshow stops. Position announcements are posted (by location) once our next Roadshow stop is scheduled.

    Why don’t you set up at a local farmers market?

    Farmers Markets are where we got our start. We love them and the communities they bring together. Having vended at many, we know how much work it takes and how hard it can be to earn a spot. So we won’t be pushing our way into a local farmers market. Additionally, markets are typically once-a-week, limited hour events. By contrast, Roadshow stops are exciting, multi-day events in which we transform places like galleries and empty office space into bagel shops. And we’re looking to bring that full experience to you!

    How long does it take from submission to pop-up?

    We don't just roll up with a crew in a food truck, sell some bagels, and move on to the next location. It's important that we are adding to your community, and benefiting the stakeholders involved. That might mean renting a licensed kitchen in a local community center, or collaborating with another business. Sniffing out these leads and developing a relationship takes some time, typically 2-3 months from initial contact. See more about How it Works below.

    How will I know where you're going next?

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    2. Follow us on IG, FB, YouTube
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  • How It Works

    BUB's goal is to make each Roadshow a win for us and your community. It all starts here.


    Remote: Part 1

    Submission review

    Initial calls & emails

    Determining & meeting key town stakeholders


    In-person: Part 1

    Site visits of potential production & retail spaces

    Assessing ingredient & equipment needs / sources


    Remote: Part 2

    Agreement review

    Clarifying questions

    Feasibility / Fit green light

    Agreement finalization

    Press kit and messaging


    In-person: Part 2

    Test bake

    Announce Roadshow dates

    Finalize position announcements

    Meet with press

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    See you on the road!