The BUB Roadshow

    brings our concept and Here’s to Everyday® spirit on the road to treat folks to old school, scratch made bagels and test new markets.


    Locations, How to Apply and FAQs

  • What We Do

    Bagels. Yes, we boil them.

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    Hand Rolled Bagels

    Plain, Everything, Salt, Pumpernickel,

    Black Russian, Sesame, Poppy Seed,

    Cinnamon Raisin, Old Bay, Whole Wheat,

    Whole Wheat Everything, Onion,

    Garlic, Egg, Kimmelweck

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    Kick Ass Salmon Lox

    House cured with salt, sugar, peppercorns, fresh parsley, dill & lemon zest. Sliced by hand, supple and balanced.

    Specialty Varieties:

    Gin & Juniper, Pastrami, Vodka Beet

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    K.I.S.S. (Plain), Green Onion,

    Garden State Veggie, Sesame Sriracha, RGB (Really Good Butter),

    House Cured Lox,

    Bacon Horseradish,

    Jocus Pocus (House Smoked Jalapeño),

    Smoked Whitefish Salad


  • Who We Are

    Bottoms Up Bagels® is a small batch bagel shop, preparing handmade, authentic NJ style bagels (yes, we boil them), house cured lox and specialty cream cheeses. Inspired by traditions of bagel-making dating back to the 1940s, these Jersey girls founded BUB in 2015. Bottoms Up Bagels brings classic flavors to long-time residents and transplants alike.


    BUB began as a pop-up based business in Baltimore City and grew from there thanks to our team members and devoted customers, collaborators and champions (aka "BUBalas"). We were named Baltimore's Best Bagel in 2018. In 2019 we launched the BUB Roadshow, testing our concept in areas off-the-beaten-path. Vaccinated and ready, we resumed this tradition in 2021. In 2023 we were named a Grand Prize Winner in the Lenovo Evolve Small Mentorship Contest, receiving mentorship from Queen Latifah.


    We believe in community and that the exchange of a lovingly prepared meal and passionate service are the most valuable of gifts. We serve food the way we like to eat it and the way we would prepare it for you in our home. BUB is partnership-driven, and looking for investment to help our presence in such communities be lasting and positively impactful.


    Hear more about co-founders Michelle and Joan, and the business of BUB on their podcast: Proofing Stage.

  • How We Do Things

    Behind the Bagels with Bottoms Up


    Quality Products. Good Jobs. Exceptional Service.

    Minimal Waste.

     Just a few of the values that drive everything we do...

    BUB Hub Beta

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    BUB was founded with the vision of our childhood haunts - bagel shops in full production with steam on the windows and a fresh sack of everything bagels smelling of onion and garlic on the way home.


    But it wasn't only the food, it was the people. The construction worker, businessperson, teacher and basketball team all at the counter together - elbows out - digging into a freshly made, affordable and filling treat. It was also the people behind the counter making those things happen that we looked to with awe and appreciation.


    For four years BUB worked to re-create this in products and spirit on-the-go all over town. In June of 2020 we moved to The BUB Hub, where production met retail. Unfortunately, due to a multitude of factors following the COVID pandemic, our location on Greenmount Ave closed in 2022. In 2023 our team focused on the BUB Roadshow while searching for a new permanent location.


    Please continue to check back to see how BUB evolves.

  • BUBala


    (n) 1. a member of the Bottoms Up Bagels community. 2. one who shows up. 3. one who doesn't lower their expectations. 4. one who exchanges kindness and grace. 5. one who you want on your trivia team.

  • Connect With Us

    Follow us @bottomsupbagels to get the latest.

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